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It is our belief, that in order to provide effective and quality police services we must maintain a strong communications link to the people we serve. We hope this website will help us in strengthening this communication. Please feel free to contact us with your concerns, comments, or any questions you might have. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Traffic Enforcement Initiative

Mayor James Davis, Chief of Police Robert Geisler and Pam O’Donnell of the Catch You Later Foundation announce the City of Bayonne Traffic Enforcement Initiative Against Aggressive and Distracted Driving.

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic begin to fade in our rearview mirror and the time to Fall Back One Hour has pulled up alongside us the Bayonne Police Department, led by the Traffic Enforcement Unit, has begun an enforcement campaign against aggressive and distracted driving.

The disruption and anxiety that Covid-19 created in our everyday life has led to increased levels of driving infractions. Drivers get distracted by cell phone calls and text messages, take their eyes off the road or simply don't pay attention. Aggressive drivers hit the gas pedal too hard, switch lanes without warning or follow other drivers too closely. A typical road rage incident happens when at least one driver chooses to act out in anger. Usually, the driver is already feeling stress when something triggers an aggressive reaction. Many road-rage drivers reported being under duress in other areas of their lives, like work or relationships, all of which contribute to a driver's stress level, making them more vulnerable to engaging in irrational behavior.  Read more...

Heroin & Opiate Information and Resource Pamphlet 
Sept. 9th, 2019

Download the Pamphlet

The Bayonne Police Department has completed the installation of a “Project Medicine Drop Box” to assist residents in the disposal of dispose of unused, expired, or unwanted prescription pills and tablets medication. Project Medicine Drop Box is an important component of the Bayonne Police Department’s effort to stop the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, including highly addictive opiate painkillers. Bayonne residents can take an active role in the fight against the nationwide epidemic of opiate and heroin abuse, which is often fueled by the abuse of prescription painkillers.  Read more...

Bayonne Police Department Brings Back Bicycle Patrols
July 19, 2019
For immediate release:
Mayor Jimmy Davis and Police Chief Robert Geisler announced that the Bayonne Police Department is bringing back bicycle patrols after an absence of several years.  Bicycle patrols will supplement the work of officers in patrol cars.

Mayor Davis said, "Bicycle patrols enable officers to move quickly.  Bicycles can fit in some places where police cars are unable to go.  They will provide the Police Department with visibility in a variety of different situations in the community."  Mayor Davis added, "Bicycle patrols will be especially useful during the summer months when many of our residents are outdoors."  Read full press release

Body Worn Camera Press Release:
June 14, 2019
For immediate release:
The Bayonne Police Department has implemented a new body worn camera program starting this summer. Chief Robert Geisler will be selecting officers within the department to wear the cameras with the anticipation of additional cameras being rolled out by the end of the year.

Police Officers will begin recording audio/visual interactions between police and citizens. Body cameras are viewed as a valuable asset intended to assist department officers in the prosecution of certain offenders by augmenting an officer’s testimony with a video/audio record of the incident. Additionally,  Read More...

Accredited by the New Jersey State Associations of Chiefs of Police

The Accreditation standards in law enforcement assure the citizens that the police department meets specific criteria of public safety services which have been set forth by national and state commissions. The Bayonne Police Department is a professional organization and has engaged in the task of Accreditation through the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) to ensure our communities that this agency is held to the highest standards.   Read More...


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