Need Emergency No-Parking Signs?

A $25.00 fee is required for each Emergency No-Parking sign.


The definition of a Parking Space, for this purpose, is any parking area on-street not otherwise prohibited by law, up to eighteen (18) feet in length.

Payment will be by money order or certified check ONLY.

NO CASH, NO CREDIT CARDS. Payment shall be made in full, exact change upon receipt of the signs.

Signs available only at the Bayonne Police Traffic Unit

A request form is to be filled out and submitted to the Traffic Unit

Sign acquisition, posting and maintenance are your responsibility. Signs must be posted and maintained for a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start time of the event without exception.

Signs should be posted along the curb line. Utilize utility poles and trees, along with such items as stakes, cones, or other devices where the posted sign can be clearly seen. Wrapping the sign in plastic wrap will protect the sign and secure it without damaging the item it is posted to.

Secure your signs well; lost or damaged signs will not be replaced without charge.

No sign other than that issued by the Traffic Unit is valid. Any such sign will be removed and a summons issued to the person who posted it.

Signs shall not be modified.

All signs must be completely and fully removed at the conclusion of the event. Failure to remove your expired sign may result in a summons being issued to you for each sign.

Parking meter at location? Call the Parking Utility at 201-858-6135 to arrange for meter bags to be purchased.


Bayonne Police Traffic Unit at the Bayonne Central Garage

Office hours: Monday-Friday from 7 am to 2 pm

Office closed: Saturday, Sunday and City/Federal Holidays

330 Hook Rd, Bayonne NJ 07002

201-858-6963, 6964, 6969 (f) 201-858-6121

Directions- Hook Rd eastbound from Rt. 440, for ½ mile. Turn right after the gas pumps. Go to end of building, last door on right.

GPS address is Pin Drop, Plus code - MW43+M9G

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