Attention Contractors

The Bayonne Police Department is implementing new procedures for the evaluation and monitoring of work sites within the City. Beginning October 15, 2018 all worksite evaluations will be conducted by the Traffic Enforcement Unit, Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 2 pm. Report to our office at 330 Hook Road or call us at 201-858-6963 when an evaluation is needed or with any questions you may have. Until that date, continue to report to the Police Desk for assistance.

Attached are new forms that will go into effect on October 15, 2018. Please return the following documents to us:

- Contractor Registration (Complete PDF form online and print)

- Hold Harmless (print PDF & sign)

- The title page of your insurance policy, listing the City of Bayonne

- A CLEAR copy of an official I.D. (ex. driver's license) for each person

Scan and email the documents to or drop off hard copies to the Police Desk (630 Avenue C) or the Traffic Enforcement Unit (330 Hook Road).

Work Site Evaluations

- Work Site Evaluation Form & Guidelines

- Any questions, please call the Traffic Enforcement Unit during normal business hours at 201-858-6963.



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